Conjunctivitis (Red Eye)

We Can Provide Quick Relief of Your Red Eye Symptoms

How Do I Know if I Have Red Eye?

Conjunctivitis, also known as red eye or pink eye, can present as a combination of one or more symptoms. It does not discriminate, meaning everyone has the potential to contract any form of conjunctivitis. You may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Thick, yellow discharge crust on eyelashes
  • Burning or itching sensation
  • Redness – white of the eye and inner eyelid
  • Blurry vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tearing

Important Information About Conjunctivitis 

Red Eye Can Be Highly Contagious

If you suspect you have red eye, we advise you to book an appointment with our Optometrist right away. Please let our receptionist know this is the case when you call in, so that we may assist you in an expeditious manner.Certain types of conjunctivitis are considered to be highly contagious and can spread rather easily. We are equipped to treat the most common types of conjunctivitis at our clinic.

How Will You Treat My Conjunctivitis?

This is largely determined by the cause of your particular case of red eye. After our Optometrist has completed your eye exam, he will be able to prescribe one or more of the following:

  • Antihistamines – Found over the counter or prescribed as eye drops or oral medications
  • Antibiotics – Prescribed in several different forms which include eye drops, oral medications, or medicated ointments (for overnight wear)
  • Good Hygiene and A Bit of Time – Because viral conjunctivitis must run its course (just like the common cold), antibiotics will have no effect. Avoiding contact with others, going out to public venues, and adhering to strict personal hygiene will allow you to prevent the spread of this highly contagious form of conjunctivitis.

What Caused My Red Eye (Conjunctivitis)?

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a number of culprits, varying from viruses, bacteria, allergens, to environmental irritants like shampoo, smoke, and dust.

Is Conjunctivitis A Serious Eye Condition?

Anytime there is an infection or irritation of the eye, you face the potential risk of eye health issues or vision loss. While this is rare, it does indicate that red eye symptoms should be investigated by a medical professional.

If your symptoms persist or increase in severity, we recommend coming in to see our Optometrist as soon as possible. We are fully equipped to treat conjunctivitis and can save you a trip to the emergency clinic.

Don’t Wait At a Clinic, We Can Treat Your Red Eye On Site

You don’t have to go to the ER or walk-in clinic and wait for several hours if you don’t want to. Our practice is equipped to properly diagnose and treat all forms of conjunctivitis, as well as many other eye health concerns.

If you are concerned that you may have conjunctivitis, please let us know when you call to book your appointment. We will do our absolute best to get you in right away for an exam so that we may diagnose and treat your conjunctivitis symptoms in a timely manner.

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